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If you have lost sight of your Authentic Self or are struggling to find meaning, joy, or creativity in your daily activities...then consider scheduling a private Anam Cara session with Christi. 

Anam Cara is the ancient Celtic practice of befriending your Soul so that your Spirit can magically unfold. In her private one-on-one Anam Cara sessions, Christi will help you to uncover your authentic and creative self, and will guide you as you allow your heartfelt aspirations to manifest in a meaningful and joyful manner. 

*One-On-One Sessions: In these private weekly or bi-weekly sessions, Christi works with individuals to help them uncover that which they already know to be true, but struggle to bring forth. Through creative journaling, mindfulness, and goal oriented exercises, clients embark on a path towards wholeness, healing, and authentic self expression by learning to engage in activities, self-talk, and relationships that are honoring of them and their true hearts desire. ($60 for a 55 minute session, $75 for a 75 minute session) 

 *Email Coaching: Through work with myself and other women, I have found that writing is a great way to strengthen creative self awareness and healing. If you have been feeling stuck and are unable to commit to personal one-on-one coaching sessions, but are looking for a way to move forward on your life path, then email coaching may be a perfect option for you. Email coaching will give you the opportunity to fully express yourself, and then have your personal writing witnessed by me, where I will then offer you compassionate feedback and insight...helping you to develop personal mindfulness and ways of being in this world that are honoring of you and your authentic heartfelt desires. The key to successful email coaching involves your commitment to share honestly and expressing yourself in a truthful heartfelt manner. ($75 monthly fee based on one email per week from me, in response to emails received from you throughout the week) 

*Phone/Skyping Sessions: For those of you whom live far away from me, but are seeking a compassionate goal oriented coach to help you transverse the path of wholeness, healing, and authenticity. ($60 for weekly or bi-weekly 55 minute sessions) 

 For additional information or to set up any of the above sessions please contact Christi via email or call her at 970-419-3186.

Information about me:

I consider myself to be a "personal discovery alchemist" and am passionate about helping women tap into their creative, organic, and authentic selves through ART, mindfulness, and the creating of community. 

I truly believe that magic happens when we create the time and space for going within and listening to the heartfelt messages that lie deep within the most sacred parts of our Souls... messages that are elicited when we immerse ourselves in creative exploration.

I look forward to embarking on this creative and personal journey with you!

Christi Wich