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Prayer Flag Round Robin Details:

*This round robin is limited to 12 participants.

* Each person will cut and prepare or provide base materials for prayer flags. (You can cut and prepare them if you want them all to be the same material/size/shape, etc.) If you just want them to be random...contact me, and we can discuss how this will work. I just thought it would be easier if we at least provided the base material...fabric, paper, etc. for the flags. They should not exceed 8 1/2 x 11 inches in size for each flag. 

*Each person will set a theme for their flags. 

*Each month a different person will work on someone else's flags according to their theme. 

*The cost to participate is $3/month and we will gather on the 1st Saturday of EACH month at 10am. If you are not able to gather, you MUST make sure that the flags you were working on are here at the store on or before our gathering time. We will gather for our first meeting on Saturday April 2nd.  If you do not live in the area and wish to participate by mail...please contact Christi for the details on how this would work. 

*At the end of our time together and working on each person's project...we will then take home our smattering of flags that have been created by each person, and will work them into a bunting/hanging and bring them back the next month to show everyone the finishing touches!

We love to welcome new ARTista's and aspiring Round Robin participants into our creative fold...but wish everyone to understand that an honor bound level of commitment is required of those who participate.  This round robin will last for 12 months at that means that you are committed to creating an original work of heART in the form of a prayer flag each month...and doing so in a manner in that you would be joyous to receive.  You also understand that it is your responsibility to complete one prayer flag, for a different person each month and to have that flag here at The Creative Underground on or before our gathering time of the 1st Satudary of EACH month.

Please do call 970-419-3186 or contact Christi with any questions or to register for participation!